Writing a Novel is Difficult

Writing a Novel is Difficult

For you to write a novel, some things need to be in place so that you write a good move. This is not easy because if it were easy, most writers would be millionaires by now. Nothing comes easy if you aren’t willing to put in the sweat, sleepless nights trying to come up with the best book ever. Looking at a book from both sides, don’t expect the results to be perfect, but what to expect is bringing out the best from your small writings. Writing a novel is never easy, and will always be difficult unless you change your mindset.

The first reason why to write

The first reason why to write a novel is so difficult is fear of rejection. Writers especially beginners fear that what they’re going to out in the reading areas is not going to be good. Fear is the number one step towards failing in writing a great novel. You fear that friends or families are going to judge you because you’re not a good novel writer. Fearing that a novel won’t sell is what keeps these guys from going after that which they want. Once fear grips your mind, then be sure of not achieving the goal. A solution to this is that don’t fear the best way to overcome all the anxiety is to face your challenges head on.

Another reason why it's difficult to

Another reason why it’s difficult to write a novel is it needs a lot of time and dedication. If dedication isn’t your thing, then it’s going to be difficult to write a novel that will be successful. Novel writing needs time creating where you’ll oil aside a few hours to put down your experience or the story you want to write. Great writers will tell you they spend not less than six hours writing a novel each day for a period of six to ten months. Such a period is a long time that needs a dedicated writer to put his focus together and write. Without dedication, it’s going to be difficult to write and that’s why most writers give up on the way.

Writing a Novel is Difficult

Similarly, to write a novel is hard since it needs resources to publish a novel. When you’re coming into the novel society, then it’s always a good idea to plan yourself financially. After putting in all the efforts to come up with the best story for novel lovers to read, a time will come where you’ll publish that book. Here is where the problem comes in if there are no finances. Writers coming from poor backgrounds or have no resources to support their pieces always face challenges of not having enough resources. It’s therefore important that you plan yourself, by finding a source of income, that you will use in publishing and marketing your book.

Additionally, writing a novel becomes difficult because of novel writers’ things of perfectionism. Perfectionism is where a writer wants the outcome of a novel to be perfect from all angles. This cannot happen as even great novelists make mistakes when putting down crucial information about a novel. Once you’ve programmed your mind to perfect something, it becomes difficult to make moves that will give you a good book. There is no way you can learn if you’re not making mistakes, and one way of that is making several mistakes. To get rid of this idea, leave perfectionism alone so that you write freely.

Besides, to write a novel is difficult since it needs creativity to make great stories. One characteristic of a good novel is the creativity of a writer put in a novel. Without being creative, a novel will be boring to readers who enjoy novels. When a novelist thinks of being creative, they start giving up since they don’t want to think hard. To write an eye-catching novel, then creativity must be in place. Realizing that being creative doesn’t need a lot of effort will propel you to write the best novel you’ve dreamt of. It all starts in the mind where motivating yourself is the key to good novels.

Discipline is also a crucial point if there are chances of having a good novel. Without discipline, failing is easy in putting down information about a novel. Discipline is telling yourself that you will do an activity and stick to it. That’s why to write a novel is difficult if the right measures are not in place.