Novelists and their art

Novelists and their art

Not to be confused, a novel means two separate things. A Novel could be something completely new that has not been seen before or a book consisting of fiction. Novels are books written by professional writers, that are usually works of fiction for the pleasure of readers. They are easily mistaken for short stories despite some differences. Short stories concentrate mainly on few characters or a main character and mainly centered around just one incident or story. A novel is mostly concentrated on a wide range of characters with different or multiple events that occurred at a time.

Another distinguishing factor between these two

Another distinguishing factor between these two are the lengths of each, short stories contain lesser pages than novels. All good novels come with features that make them stand out like diversity of characters; protagonists and antagonists. The plot and setting has to be exciting enough to make the readers continue. For a story to be complete, there has to be a conflict which exposes the characters, showing where they stand. As all conflicts are, they are to he resolved for story completion. These components are put into writing or documentation by professionals known globally as Novelists.

All novels, whether good or bad

All novels, whether good or bad come from people who have dedicated time, effort and money to ensure its documentation. Novelists are people who develop ideas, make research and write novels for our pleasure. Due to novels’ diversity in themes and global demand for separate themes, there are numerous types. There are writers that stick to one specific type of novels while others write differently according to their interest at that point. Detective authors concentrate mainly on crime stories, gathering information needed while mixing them with fiction. The same goes for Paranormal, romance, religious, adventure and other themed authors. Irrespective of what type of writing they do, they face an equal type of stress.

Novelists and their art

Researches claim that novel writers are often introverts, individuals buried in their world. Being alone pushes humans to think and dive into their respective creative sides. One major advantage of writing novels is broadening on the horizon of professionals. A person who writes novels is open to different levels of creativity as they have to think deeply before creating stories. When compared to an average person, a writer of novels is often seen as more intelligent. These novelists unintentionally expand how they think, creating space for creativity. Novelists are respected globally for stern efforts placed in coming up with ideas that attract readers which later become fans.

One major problem, people that write novels have is writer’s block. It is a situation where they run out of ideas, a situation where there is a block in thinking. This occurs when novel writers spend excess time brainstorming or documenting, without having a necessary break to cool off. All professionals that have to be creative often have this condition. Another issue is bad posture, since most typing or writing is done slouching, a person who writes novels is characterized by bad posture. People that write stay stationary, without proper exercise and rest suffers other ailments.

Once you have something to offer to a group of people, you can place value and get paid. This goes with authoring novels, authors get paid for their art as it is not easy to do. There are two major ways a person who writes a novel gets paid, either by freelancing, signing book contracts and selling individually. Freelance novel authoring is the art of writing novels when asked by an external body. This category gets paid either before or after completion of work that is handed to them. Others sign contracts, handing over publishing privileges to organisations that propel while displaying their work. As these novels are read, the organisation ensure the writers are well paid according to the agreed price in contract.

Contracts are often exclusive and/or non-exclusive, which determines whether authors can publish in other places. Being certified as a novelist means your work should be published for readers to read with chances to purchase. To kill a mockingbird is a written masterpiece that was written decades ago but still has recognition presently. Novelists do their work with relevance in mind, these professionals do not want their works to quickly fade away. In most cases, a person who writes a novel needs one book to be remembered for life. Scott Fitzgerald is remembered globally due to his masterpiece, Great Gatsby.