Choices Writers Make

Choices Writers Make

A novel can take from ninety days up to a year, most writers claim that they wrote their novels in a period between seven and twelve months or less. The first thing an author need to have is a plot, followed closely by research on that particular subject unless it is pure fiction, then you do not need to research on the subject. An author needs to have at least a starting paragraph or an intro that will capture the audiences attention and keep them hooked all through your book. Starting a book is not as easy as you would imagine, especially if you do not have a wild imagination. It may be extra hard to capture people’s attention if you do not relate to your characters personally, you cannot make them come alive in between the pages of your book.

Wild imagination is the epitome of

Wild imagination is the epitome of book writing, as a writer, a person should be able to conjure the characters in a way that readers will fall in love with or absolutely hate them. How they look, how they talk, their attitudes, body weight, height these details are important to readers because we need a way to differentiate the characters, not just by the names. The characters have to be imaginable, have a personality, likes, dislikes, hate, love moments, anger, resentment and the likes. These people need to be tangible in words and action. Imagination will help the author shape the hero, the readers will help relate to them.

Entrancing first words can attract the

Entrancing first words can attract the bookworms, this will decide whether they want to engage in your book or find an alternative read, capturing their attention can be hard especially for first time authors. You can have a great idea about a book but the moment you sit down putting the thoughts in the words, writers may find that they cannot find a perfect way to introduce these characters. It may be so disturbing that it might even cause writers block which can delay your writing or stop it altogether. Some writers choose to start their novel from an ending and work their way to the start before offering a finish worthy of the story told.

Choices Writers Make

Fiction, thriller, autobiography or horror are a few of the genres available to authors, choosing one genre to focus on depends on the likes of the person who will be noting. It goes with your morals, likes, dislikes or the type of books they personally like to read, for a writer to start writing books, writers must be fans of reading books from an early age. Fan fiction writing is where people do a spin-off of books, movies or series that they loved, individuals who called to them in a romantic level. It does not always have to be romance, it can be on a moral level.

Research is important, it offers facts about the things written about, it causes a feeling of relation to the book, this can easily cause the reader to refer the book to friends or family. Depending on the subject line, the moral level of the book and the penmanship of the author, this is when people develop strong feelings about books leading to the growth in readers/fans of the writer. Putting down existing places or people that actually lived makes the bookworm feel like they are living it instead of just reading words. Words can transport someone from reality in to a world that people feel happy to be able to experience as an outside observer who is not directly affected. When a book is especially well written, the occurrences of the book can cause elated happiness or severe devastation that would affect you mentally or even physically.

Writing a book is not an easy feat, choosing individuals, their personality, location where everything happens, unfolding of the story, dialogues, monologues and a suitable ending is quite a trip. Living with these personas as their stories are told will be a thrill to the author who needs to be able to separate fiction from reality. You can make their lives a reality that only exists in the pages of your book and comes alive a with a stroke of your pen on a piece of paper. Untold stories attract the readers, especially if it is based on a true story.